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Matte Black Car Wraps

What’s the latest craze in the custom car world? Matte Black car wraps—of course!

If you’ve seen them on the streets, then you already know…. Nothing says “Custom Car” more than a Matte Black Wrap from Avery Graphics.

Everywhere you go today, cars are sporting a high-end matte finishes thanks in part to Avery’s vinyl films and Matte laminations. Our Black Easy Apply RS Wrapping Film and DOL 1380 matte lamination are an unbeatable combination for the best looking black matte wrap finish on the market.

A full car wrap in luxurious matte black can be achieved at a fraction of what a custom paint job would normally cost, and unlike paint, if your car is ever damaged in any way, you can simply have the damaged section replaced on your car without the cost and hassle of custom painting.

Matte Black wraps are removable, so when it’s time to trade that car in or return it to the leasing company, you’re not stuck with extra payments or penalties for changing your cars original paint color.

Maybe you just want to add a splash of “attitude” to your car with a matte black hood wrap, or hood and roof combo. The possibilities are endless when you’re using the most conformable and attractive Matte Black product available today.

Like all Avery Graphics products, Black Easy Apply RS Wrapping Film and DOL 1380 matte lamination is a durable, washable and long lasting car wrap product that is warranted against failures, such as cracking, peeling and lifting. We recommend you have your Matte Black Car Wrap installed by an Avery Certified Wrap Professional and register your wrap to receive the special extended warranty available only on carwraps.net.

We think you’ll agree that Avery’s Matte Black combination is the most attractive and authentic looking of any materials being produced today.

We invite you to request a quote from your local Avery Certified Car Wrap provider and see for yourself.