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LA Rollin’ with Avery Car Wrap Certification

On June 12th,2012, X more individuals successfully passed the Avery Certification Examinations. These were held at Ordway Sign Supply in Van Nuys, California.


Thank you and congratulations from Ordway Sign Supply and Avery Dennison to:



Avery Certification provides businesses with increased credibility and improved vehicle wraps skills. This enhances service delivery and fuels customer trust, thereby increasing customer loyalty.


Avery Car Wraps Training covers time-saving, accurate vehicle wraps installation techniques. An optional customer care module helps businesses deal efficiently with customer expectations for increased overall customer satisfaction. The half-day examinations are held on the third day of the course, with a design module scheduled for the remainder of that day.


The course is headed by leading wraps installer Justin Pate, and specialist outdoor advertising designer Todd LaBrie. Courses and certification examinations are held throughout the United States and Canada. Find a list of locations here[U.L.2] .


Ordway Sign Supply provides sign supplies and caters for all sign making needs. They offer a comprehensive range of vinyl sign plotters, sign printers, software and related equipment as well as wholesale vinyl sign printing and vinyl cutting services.


New Supreme Wrapping Film Installation Classes

Eight new classes in Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film installation will be held by Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions in 2013. These classes, which are open to installers of intermediate skill levels as well as those with more experience, are being taught by master car wrap installer Justin Pate.

Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions Technical Manager Paul Roba stated that “…the Training program with our digital film is very successful…” and “…workshops sell out quickly.” Roba further stated the he expected the new Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film installation classes to also sell out quickly, in part due to Justin Pate’s expertise being in such high demand and that Pate’s techniques help class participants to “…improve the quality of wraps…” and “…become more efficient.”

Pate himself has professed the added level of attention and expertise required of an installer to successfully and masterfully wrap a vehicle with film, as compared to using a digital print. It “…is more involved and detail oriented…,” stated Pate, who added “…an installer needs a thorough understanding of film behavior…” and “…possess a high skill level…,” in regards to wrapping with film.

The eight new Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film installation classes will take place at/on the following:

- Image 1 – Los Angles, CA – (April 15th)  – SOLD OUT

- Printed Pixel – South Amboy, NJ (New York City area) – (May 29th)

- Proveer – York, ON (Toronto, ON area) – (June 6th)

- Sign Warehouse – Denison, TX (Dallas, TX area) – (June 8th)

- BR Wraps – Abbotsford, BC (Burnaby, BC area) – (June 13th)

- Restylers – Cincinnati, OH – (September 19th)

- Grimco – Pompano Beach, FL (Ft. Lauderdale, FL area) – (October 21st)

- RCR – Welcome, NC (Greensboro, NC area) – November 11th)

More classes may be added. For information on details, registration, and prices, please visit: graphics.averydennison.com .

The Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film installation classes are one-day classes optimized for a 15 participant-per-class capacity. Car wrapping topics resolved include: sectioning film as economically as possible; wrapping door handles, mirrors, and complex/compound curves; in addition to the most efficient and beneficial pricing structure for selling paint wraps.

Avery Dennison is proud to also announce that Justin Pate successfully represented Avery Dennison digital and Supreme Wrapping Film products recently at the International Sign Expo 2013, which was held in Las Vegas, Nevada April 4th-6th of this year; through his expert demonstrations of vehicle and car wrap installation techniques.

Information on Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions products, training, certification, printers, and more, is at graphics.averydennison.com and  (800) 282-8379 .

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