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LA Rollin’ with Avery Car Wrap Certification

On June 12th,2012, X more individuals successfully passed the Avery Certification Examinations. These were held at Ordway Sign Supply in Van Nuys, California.


Thank you and congratulations from Ordway Sign Supply and Avery Dennison to:



Avery Certification provides businesses with increased credibility and improved vehicle wraps skills. This enhances service delivery and fuels customer trust, thereby increasing customer loyalty.


Avery Car Wraps Training covers time-saving, accurate vehicle wraps installation techniques. An optional customer care module helps businesses deal efficiently with customer expectations for increased overall customer satisfaction. The half-day examinations are held on the third day of the course, with a design module scheduled for the remainder of that day.


The course is headed by leading wraps installer Justin Pate, and specialist outdoor advertising designer Todd LaBrie. Courses and certification examinations are held throughout the United States and Canada. Find a list of locations here[U.L.2] .


Ordway Sign Supply provides sign supplies and caters for all sign making needs. They offer a comprehensive range of vinyl sign plotters, sign printers, software and related equipment as well as wholesale vinyl sign printing and vinyl cutting services.


Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions Launches Seven Brand New Colors

Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions is proud to announce the addition of seven brand new colors to the Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film portfolio. The new colors are a brilliant compliment to the already 50 cast films available in matte, brushed and matte metallic and gloss colors.

The seven brand new colors launched an the 2013 International Sign Expo which was held in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 4th-6th of this year.

The new colors are being called the “Spring 2013 Supreme Wrapping Film colors” and are now currently available.

The brand new colors are:

- Quick Silver Metallic

- Blaze Orange Matte Metallic

- Midnight Sand Matte Metallic

- Red Rush Pearl Metallic

- Lagoon Blue Matte Metallic

- Emerald Pearl Metallic (Pantone Color of the Year 2103 is Emerald Green)

- Deep Forest Matte Metallic

Avery Dennison Graphics Solution Product Manager Beth Zanko stated that the very unique colors of the Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Films lineup are “…very popular with consumers.” Zanko also added that the brand new colors were added due to “…consumer demand…“ and due to the fact that “…customers, vehicle wrap shops, and installers have asked for these.”

The Easy Apply RS™ technology developed by Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Films was created with installation ease and appearance foremost. This cutting-edge vehicle and car wrap technology gives the installer the following advantages: easy repositioning and sliding into fixed position of the film, further reduced air bubbles, total time for applying the wrap reduced, and no need for pre-installation overlaminate.



Zanko stated that the Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Films are additionally “ideal for interior and exterior accents for vehicles” as well as “…point-of purchase signage and architectural installs too.”

The Avery Dennison 900 Ultimate Cast Translucent lineup of 48 colors has been upgraded with a 3mil polyester liner. Wet applications of film installations can now be made.

Avery Dennison translucent films have all been upgraded with CAP adhesive, which provides a more permanent adhesion with long-term removability; and the 18-color 800 Premium Cast Translucent lineup has also been further improved upon with the addition of a thicker 83# Kraft liner.

These improvements of the 900 Ultimate Cast Translucent and the 800 Premium Cast Translucent allow the installations of films more simple to install and weed.

The demonstrations of Avery Dennison digital and Supreme Wrapping Film products being installed using various vehicle and car wrap techniques, as demonstrated by expert installer Justin Pate, were very well attended and considered very popular amongst the 2013 ISA Expo crowd.

For samples of the Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film; or for more info on Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions products, training, certification, printers, and other info; please contact at graphics.averydennison.com or (800) 282-8379 .

Find Avery Dennison at http://pinterest.com/averygraphics/ and on facebook at: www.facebook.com/AveryDennisonGraphics .

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