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Vehicle Wrap “Design” Training Increases Profitability

Avery Dennison has added a vehicle wrap design training module to be included  as a part of their Avery/Mutoh Car Wrap Training course this year. The aim of the module is to increase profitability during the design process and to foster better customer relationships.

The module, designed, coordinated and presented by outdoor advertising specialist designer, Todd LaBrie, will offer new insights which will help designers of vehicle advertising streamline the design process and handle client expectations and relationships more efficiently.

According to Mr. LaBrie, “More money gets lost during the design process than on anything else. Learning efficient vehicle wrap design is important because it saves time, money and reduces stress.” One of the hurdles often experienced by designers of vehicle advertising is the lack of communication between the designer and client.

“Managing expectations and being clear with clients is key. Clients have little conception of what goes on behind the scenes or of effective design principles. It is up to the designer to communicate this to the client to ensure that the project is mutually beneficial,” Mr. LaBrie continued.

The additional 1/2 day design class, valued at $199, is taught on the third day of the 3-day training course and also includes training on vehicle template setup, working with client artwork, accurate cost estimation and designing for efficient printing. Interested parties can view the course schedule and register HERE. Participants who register for the installation and/or certification portions may receive a discount on the module price.

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